60 Second Film: Ballin to the Extreme


This film is about shooting hoops. My goals for this film were to shoot fun video clips with my friends and to learn how to use the basic features of the Shotcut film editing software.

Feedback Question

  • Did the film have enough substance?
  • Was the film edited well?


“love the start – ball to the camera catches our attention. shaky camera work, fast cuts, and finger in the lens at one point a bit hard to watch for extended timeā€¦ low substance I agree. Joyful mood” – Brian Favorite. Paraphrased: “Create a story line and take influence from strong messages to incorporate into the film”

“The film has a lot of substance but there wasn’t a lot of a story to the idea. I liked the editing and I think it was done well”. – Naomi Barer (fellow student in my class)

“I like the comedic aspect of it when u intentionally missed and showed a clip of a make”. – Cooper Carlson (fellow student in my class)