Distracted School Day Feedback


  • My project aimed to show some of the distractions that take place in my distanced learning environment. I filmed this video with my friend Casey in order to include the added distractions of having a friend around while you try to do a task.


  • A distracted student fights against distractions to complete schoolwork.

Intent / Goals

  • My technical goal for this project was to include four edits (mine were standard cut, cutting on action, smash cut, and fade in/ fade out) that logically fit the flow of my video. My creative goal was to try adding my own music and new shots into the film.
  • I wanted my audience to feel a sense of distraction.


  • Editor and sound designer Walter Murch
  • What about them was interesting, compelling, and qualified them to be studied by you? Walter Murch is extremely qualified in editing, directing, writing, and sound design. His career in film began in 1969 and since then, he has won three Academy Awards, being called “the most respected film editor and sound designer in the modern cinema” by Roger Ebert, a highly acclaimed film critic.


  • 1. Did the edits help the story progress?
    2. Was the log line clearly portrayed?

Peer Feedback

  • Hunter: “The beginning made sense but toward the end things got confusing / less coherent”
  • Josie: “The drums in the background were good. The drums sped up as things got more hectic and matched the chaos of the video. Considering the log line, the cadywompus stuff could have been considered as a distraction.”
  • Mr. Favorite: “First shot was out of focus which made the video less good and took the viewer out of the story. Through the middle into the end, the story was not easy to understand.”

Evidence of Editing: “Spider-Man 2 – Stopping the Train Scene (7/10)”

  • What about editing language understanding did you notice?
  • Many rapid standard cuts caused the scene to have a lot of suspension and showed the mind of Peter Parker as he tried to find solutions in the environment around him to stop the train
  • Many J cuts were used with the music. Music that suggested that something bad or dramatic was going to occur played before that dramatic event would happen
  • Very heavy use of cutting on action were used which made the audience feel as though we were in the train ourselves
  • Cutaways to the back or bird’s eye view of the train allowed for the scene to feel more intense because it put the conflict into full perspective, revealing that it was causing damage to surrounding buildings as well as the train track
  • What did you like about the film clip?
  • Great shot at 0:10 where the camera is under the train track
  • Crowd reaction made us feel like we were rooting for Peter
  • Great job from Tobey Maguire by using charming and funny facial expressions and reactions
  • At 0:49 there is a great shot were the city seems to warp into the train track, making the track seem much more frightening then it actually is
  • Body language conveys a great mix of suspense and comedy
  • Write what you learned from this week’s exercises?
  • I learned what the 7 key rules of editing are and how they are used
  • I also learned how to identify different editing techniques in a movie scene and why they were used in that scene


Spider-Man 2 – Stopping the Train Scene (7/10) | Movieclips